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מיכאל האפרתי

Michael Haephrati

Michael Haephrati was born in 1964 to Prof.  Joseph Haephrati who was the head of the Hebrew Literature Department of the University of Tel Aviv and Ruth Riva Haephrati, a clinical psychologist, who was killed at the Yom Kippur war, while lecturing Literature voluntarily at the Syrian Golan Heights.

Michael is the grandson of Prof. Leo Shaudinishky, the inventor of the Stereo recording system and an Aucustics expert who published the book Sound, Man and Building. He is an entrepreneur, inventor and a musician (plays the piano, and a music composer).

As a gifted child, Michael learned to read Hebrew and English at the age of 5. Won the 3rd price at a national drawing competition about Peace in the Middle East. Played the drums, played the piano, sculptured and used to create homemade magazines and newspaper for his class. Was a Step Dancer at Meir Aloni’s group. Before joining the IDF, graduated with excellency a Yoga Teachers Training Course  taught by Swami Vishnu-devananda at Bror Chail, Israel.

As part of his military service, Michael served in a Special Forces unit, and afterward, joined the Helicopter’s Air Force rescue unit (669) and received two certificates for excellency.

After the military period, composed and recorded music with Tomer Kerman for a children play, studied at the Music Composing department of the Music Academy at the Tel Aviv University, and at the same time, worked as a pianist, started a Jazz band named Happy Family and taught piano to children.

Was sent by the World Zionist Organization to work as a counselor at Camp Harlam, a summer camp in the USA. During the years after, he worked with the artist Yaccov Agam on projects involving computers and music, and computers and art. Among these projects one of the first Video Walls and several projects which involved converting drawings into music.

Michael was one of the Amiga developers and heavy users working as a sales person and consultant at Tadiran, the Israeli distributor of Amiga, and later on, established HarmonySoft, an Amiga oriented software house. The slogan of HarmonySoft was Creative Software for Creative People. Many articles are columns were published by Michael Haephrati.

During 1989 developed Rashumon, the first multi-lingual graphic word processor for the Amiga and invented the first hardware protection device for the Amiga, which was later sold to Aladdin Knowledge Systems, and was named AmigaHASP. Michael created several computers and music programs at the Israeli Instructional TV show, Zehu Ze.

Worked with Amdocs and managed several software projects, among them one for the Ministry of Tourism in New Zealand.  During 1995-1996 he worked as a Contractor with Apple at Cupertino. After returning to Israel, worked as a Project Manager with Top Image Systems (mostly with JCC, Nicosia), and then at a research institute made the fist steps developing the credit scoring field in Israel. He founded Target Scoring and developed a credit scoring system named ThiS, based on geographical statistical data, participating VISA CAL, Isracard, Bank Leumi and Bank Discount (Target Scoring, being the VP Business Development of a large Israeli institute).

During 2000, he founded Target Eye, and developed the first remove PC surveillance and monitoring system, named Target Eye.

Other ventures included: Data Cleansing (as part of the DataTune system which was implemented in: the Standards Institute of IsraelThe Israeli Export Institute, Bezeq Call, Microsoft IsraelDel Technologies and Elite), developed GIS systems, Credit Scoring computerized systems.

Michael Haephrati is the father of Dana and Emma, and lives with his wife Ruth in Israel. Today he runs several new projects and ventures and consult in the areas of Information Security, application development and C++.

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