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Article Maariv 1991


Title: Amiga my friend

Author: Tal Shachaf

Date: November 1991

Newspaper: Maariv, Israel


There are life in the Amiga, the graphic-musical computer by Commodore. Here, for example, Rashumon – a new word processor for the Amiga, with full desktop publishing features. It can allow not only typing the text but also to style it: font type, style and color. It allows combining artwork with the text and more. An interesting renovation: the computer will also read out loud the text, provided that it is typed in English of course.

The developer, Michae Haephrati, CEO of HarmonySoft, from Givatayim, did his best to provide the end users an access to the world of personal computers, such as Mac and of course PC. The software is capable of importing and exporting the data from other computers to to them. It is now possible to take advantage of the unique qualifications the Amiga has without being imprisoned in its limitations.

Photo (from LA LECTRICE) “LA LECTRICE, in the sequel it will probably be a computer…”


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